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RV Makeover: Part 3

It's a rainy and chilly day in Ohio which means two things; first, it's nearly fall (my favorite season!) and second, it's a great day to work on the ol' Recreational Vehicle 😁

Very much like I said in Part 2, we are making slow progress. After making the decision to actually buy an RV and to actually remodel it and then actually LIVE FULL TIME IN IT, we were on a serious adrenaline high. Like, life was sooo exciting because we finally bought the RV and then things became much calmer. And I kind of like this new take.

My dear husband working on the wall where the bunks will be.

It's not that the work head of us is overwhelming but rather that we have taken a course that includes thoroughly planning and researching (ahem, Pinterest surfing) so that we end up with exactly what we want and what we envision for this RV.

It is true that there are many more problems than we originally noticed, but that is the case with most DIY projects. You begin to take something apart and, in the process, find another thing wrong.

And it's also not true that we are excited about this project anymore. In fact, our original "deadline" was the end of the year but we have since moved it up to October 31. If we aren't able to have it 100% complete by then, it won't be the end of the world. I just want to go camping that weekend so there just needs to be beds, walls, heat... you know, the basics 😀

So, back to the progress so far. Read through parts 1 & 2 to see what's going on in general if you haven't already.

Today we worked on taking out the wall where the bunk beds will be because of some serious water damage. Zach took out the rotten wood and sealed around the windows.

I used a drill to take out a million tiny screws that were some weird, square-shaped head I have never seen before (but must've been real common in the 80s because they're literally everywhere in this RV!).

The next step is to take these doors, drawers, and shelves home to get a nice sanding and fresh paint.

Also this hideous wallpaper is in the process of being ripped down so that we can refinish all walls the same way at the same time.

Since the both of us are each working full time, we only get to spend a couple hours here each day. And we've only been here (to where we store the RV) about once a week since my last post.

Hopefully you'll stick around for part 4- and I promise to have prettier details to show you by then 💕

P.S. If you have an RV living advice or any super awesome ideas for my remodel, PLEASE let me know in the comments!

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