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HAND SEWING MAGIC by Lynn Krawczyk

Thanks to Creative Publishing International for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review!

Hand Sewing Magic is a beginners guide to hand stitching and embroidery.

I really loved this book because it not only walks readers through essential stitches for creating all types of projects, but it’s also full of troubleshooting, step-by-step projects, and beautiful photos of examples of how stitches come to life.

As a sewer, hand sewing is usually what I dread most about my projects. I just seem to get frustrated but my suspicion is that my frustration is because the type of hand stitching I usually do is purely utilitarian. There aren't many times I get the opportunity to create beautiful decorative stitches.

Now that I've got this resource with fabulous project examples, I might have to start a project just to showcase my new-found appreciation for hand stitching.

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ISBN: 9781589239685

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