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DIY plant lady hoop art

Since I’ve been spending most of my time doing ~mom things~ or whatever, craft time has been quite limited the last few months.

Enter Mollie Makes, a magazine that I feel like was created just for me and my crafty, DIY lifestyle.

Each issues comes with a ready-to-make gift and I look forward to working them up each month. Issue 106 came with an embroidery kit that is soooo cute and trendy. It’s appliqué and hand embroidery but don’t worry if that sounds scary to you! They include all the supplies you need and written & photo instructions. So there’s not much prep at all.

I’ve embroidered this plant lady design to show you, complete with monstera plant, pilea, and string of pearls. Check it out! I think it’s totally adorable.

If you're interested in checking out the templates from Mollie Makes, heres the link.

As you can see, I should've used sharper scissors for a more precise cut of the monstera leaves but I was LAZY and cut the felt with my regular paper scissors. I wasn't taking the design template into consideration and now you can see the gray lines through my sloppy cutting. MOM LIFE!

The only thing not included was the ribbon I attached so that I can hang it on my wall. Hope you enjoyed!

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