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Top 5 Reading Challenges of 2019

Now that January is nearly over, you're probably reevaluating the resolutions you made for the New Year.

Did your list include a new reading challenge? Maybe you set your own goal for reading in 2019 - I usually start by challenging myself to read at least 24 books.

But in order to stretch our brain muscles, we sometimes need a little more structure than we're willing to give ourselves!

Reading Challenges to the rescue!

I've curated a list of really awesome 2019 reading challenges from around the web.

They cover all types of challenges, from strict genre categories and authors to relaxed book journeys with minimal guidance.

1) Mommy Mannegren's 52 Books in 52 Weeks

"The goals for this challenge are simple: stretch yourself out of your regular reading habits, read more, and have fun with it!"

This challenge has it's own checklist FREE printable to help you follow along week by week. For example, you will read a book published in 2019, a graphic novel, a book about a cult, and much more.

2) Modern Mrs. Darcy's #mmdchallenge

This is Modern Mrs. Darcy's ninth year of reading challenges. Yes, nine! MMD helps readers "choose amazing books" through their blog and podcast. This challenge includes a checklist with ten different goals for your 2019 reading.

"There are three different tracks you can read along with! Whether your goal is to read four books, twelve, or the full 52, we’re happy to have you along for the ride.

Your first step is deciding which track you want to be on:

Quarterly: If you want to read a new book every season.

Monthly: If you want to read a new book every month.

Weekly: If you want to read a new book every week."

Epic Reads reminds readers to have fun with their yearly reading challenges. It's all up to you, and they encourage exploring outside your comfort zone, of course!

There is also a Facebook group for this reading challenge if accountability helps you stick to your goals.

Personally, the prompts provided on the Bookish 2019 reading challenge list are my favorite. There are a few that scare me (a book over 1000 pages, a book with a cover you kind of hate, and a book you're embarrassed you haven't read...) but overall this list would probably get me the furthest outside my typical reading comfort zone.

The checklist isn't a fancy printable graphic but nonetheless the blog post is easily readable and the prompts are not overly obscure.

5) Becky's Book Reviews Family Tree Reading Challenge

By far the most unique type of challenge, Becky asks readers to read a minimum of three books in 2019 that relate to family members.

For option A, you will choose a family member to represent and then read a book that is set in the state they call home. You'll do this for at least three family members.

For option B, you will choose one family member. You will then read books relating to that family members life. Example: your family member's birth year is 1925 so you may choose to read a book from the year they turned 10 years old (1935), the year they turned 21 (1946), and the year they were married (1949).

Read as many as you like, but remember the challenge is to read at least three!

So tell me... What challenge will you accept?!


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