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Earth Day reads

Happy Earth Day 2021!

I bring to you today my book recommendation celebration.

There are many great books you could pick up today while the state of the world is on your mind, but I’d like for you to consider this 2018 novel by Richard Powers.

In short, The Overstory is about trees.

I’m obsessed with trees. There is a perfect stretch of Ohio State Route 127 in my area where you feel suddenly surrounded and hugged by towering green trees. Despite being reminded upon entering and exiting this section that I live on Midwestern farmland, the mile-long stretch makes me feel like I am not on the road but instead touching the trees that feel like a mystical extension of myself.

Hence why I was so drawn to this book!

The Overstory merges folkloric tales about the interconnected yet almost invisible (to us) world parallel to ours.

If you’re ready to think about trees and the world around you in a whole new way, dig in. If you’re ready to absorb new information regarding climate change and biodiversity, be my guest.

And as a thoughtful mention, the first edition was printed using 100% recycled paper, saving 637 trees; 614,962 gallons of water; and 206,700 pounds of solid waste.

A people! United! Can never be defeated!

A forest! Once blighted! Can never be re-seeded!”


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