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Book Review: The Complete Photo Guide to Hand Lettering and Calligraphy

Thank you to Quarto & CPI for the advanced copy

in exchange for my honest review!

-published 12 June 2018 by Quarto Publishing Group \ Creative Publishing International

- genres: arts, crafts, hobbies, photography

- length: 192 pages

- more info on Goodreads

I thoroughly enjoyed flipping through the pages of this hand lettering book. I have loved the art of calligraphy since I was young and found a dreamy watercolor piece with a lyrical quote that fascinated me in my basement; it was an art project done by my dad when he was in high school, 

Now, about ten years later, my younger sister has taken an interest in hand lettering. Modern calligraphy is full of thick brush strokes, but the sharp angles of flat-tip dip pens is striking in its own way. 

Also, look at me knowing the names of hand lettering tools! All thanks to Abbey Sy's conversational tone. I loved the learning experience - I came into this book knowing nothing except that I like to look at pretty lettering! 

Black letter and italic fonts remind me of my dad. Brush pens and chalk remind me of my sister. Sy covers the broad spectrum of lettering in this book, so I was able to learn more about the different styles. 

The best part is that the book includes practice sheets that you could write directly on (or copy and print so that you can reuse) and also has many different projects for which to use your newfound lettering skills. I may end up attempting a few of the projects because they're irresistible. The journals are so cute! 

Definitely give this one a read, even if you are not an artsy person by nature. Sy will guide you through it!


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