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Thank you to Quarto for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review!


Are you Murray obsessed?

What better way to celebrate all that is Bill Murray than through art? Bill Murray art shows have been popping up across the country, and this is the first illustrated collection highlighting the man like you’ve never seen him before: Bill Murray at The Last Supper, Bill Murray as an Indian god, and nearly 150 other fitting tributes are waiting for you.

Just like Murray himself, the artwork in The Bill Murray Experience is both poignant and funny with over 100 artworks featured, inspired quotes, his incredible film history, and details about each artwork. This is the ultimate gift book for the Murray addict and art lover in your life.


THE ART OF BEING BILL is not only full of Bill Murray artwork, but it also includes behind the scenes tips information about every movie he has starred in.

Living with a huge Bill Murray fan has convinced me that he really shines no matter the role he takes on; Ezra Croft’s introduction reinforces that idea with personal anecdotes that will connect the reader to the information and art within the book.

The stories and the art all show Bill’s lovable, multifaceted personality. The chapter titles even use fabulous adjectives to describe him (the jester, the thinker, the intense, the charming, etc.)

My favorite depiction of Bill is a painting entitled “Dropkick Murray” in which he is wearing all black, leather, and metal, as well as sporting a funky spiky hairdo.

Fun facts:

  • Ed Murray, his brother, was an extra in Caddyshack and they started a golf apparel company in 2017

  • Even a Steve Zissou cake by Avalon Cakes!

  • His favorite car is a vintage Maserati

  • and much, much more.

Overall, I really enjoyed browsing the fabulous artwork by all of the various and extremely talented artists. THE ART OF BEING BILL is a great gift idea for the Bill Murray lover in your life!

Published 28 August 2018 by Quarto Publishing - Race Point Publishing

ISBN 9781631064555

PRICE $25.00 (USD)


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