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Book Review: HANDMADE HOUSEPLANTS by Corrie Beth Hogg

Genres: craft, DIY, horticulture

Published: September 4th, 2018 | Timber Press

Length: 304 pages

ISBN13: 9781604698190

More info on Goodreads


Absolutely brilliant! Corrie Beth Hogg's paper plant creations are simply divine.

The foreward was beautifully written and I appreciated David Stark's call to use the book not only to create paper plants for your own house or office, but to use the book and it's incredible images as inspiration for daily life.

Hogg's instructions are clearly written. Though the projects seem to require intermediate or advance craft skills, I would still suggest beginners try their hand at it because even if your creations do not end up looking just like the examples you're sure to have something beautiful in its own way.

I especially loved the inch plant, rex begonia vine, and the pink cordyline paper plants :)

I've not yet attempted to create any for myself, but I have a feeling that once I gather my supplies I will tackle one of those three.

You can preorder the book on Amazon or from your local book sellers.

Thank you to Timber Press for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.


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