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  • Author: Sarah Veblen

  • Published: 1 May 2018

  • Length: 128 pages

  • More info on Goodreads

First Time Garment Fitting is a fabulous place for beginner sewists to start learning about fit. The instructions are very intuitive and the accompanying images demonstrate the fitting methods clearly.

Not only can you learn how to fit garments on others, but First Time Garment Fitting also covers flat pattern alterations and how to correct common fit issues!

I particularly enjoyed the section on useful tools, standard measurement charts, and industry best practices because these are all things I learned at university but would have appreciated understanding sooner in my personal sewing and design endeavors.

Sarah Veblen has a gift for teaching and this guide to garment fitting would be an excellent addition to any personal or educational library!

P.S. This book is MUCH cheaper than many other fashion design books and contains a lot of the same great information! Find it on Amazon here.


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