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book review: BE BOLD by Anna Goldstein

”Begin to notice that thinking is happening all the time -- and recognize that these thoughts arise and come and go. Treat them as thoughts, without believing they are true. Watch your thoughts come and go like clouds, coasting through clear blue sky."

Be Bold is firstly pulchritudinous with it's colorful graphics, pretty fonts and modern accent designs, and gorgeous stock photographs of clouds gracing nearly every chapter.

When I began to read the book, I didn't know what to really expect other than some self help tips and exercises. As I made my way through the first chapter, "The Voice in Your Head," I realized it's more than a self-help book on gaining confidence; Be Bold is thoroughly spiritual in its essence.

Goldstein quotes spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, Buddhist nun Pema Chodron, and psychologist Abraham Maslow among other influential thinkers to support her own theories on how to live a fuller life.

I quite liked the design of the book, and found a lot of her stories well-formed. It is truly difficult to begin the task of taking charge of one's life in a new way, especially if you've been experiencing imposter syndrome or body image issues. Ah, the human condition...

In addition to enjoying the stories, I found the exercises fun and introspective too. Particularly the letter to a friend prompt at the end of chapter six! Goldstein encourages you, the reader, to write a letter to a specific friend but date the letter two years in the future and write using the present tense. She instructs you to write about your daily life, what you have, where you are, etc. which is really interesting because I learned so much about what I care about that I thought I already knew but really didn't.

This book would be a great gift to yourself. It's not religious, but very much steeped in spirituality. You will likely get uncomfy but nothing goes *too* deep here.

Available June 29, 2021 from Rock Point - Quarto Publishing Group.

Much thanks to the publishers for providing an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for my honest review.


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