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Ariel Bissett Chooses the Goodreads 2021 Reading Challenge Color!

If you’ve watched any YouTube videos from book blogger Ariel Bissett, you are likely aware of her obsession with the yearly Goodreads Challenge color.

She’s made hilarious videos discussing the colors of years past as well as videos predicting the upcoming colors & reacting to the color reveal.

Ariel wrote emails to the team at Goodreads each year since 2017 asking if she could pick the next color, using her social media influence in the book community and number of YouTube views as evidence of her expertise.

Also, there was a petition signed by over 2,600 people this year called “Let Ariel Bissett Pick the Goodreads Colour 2021.” Readers are really invested in this!

Today, my friends, we received good news. Ariel did not give up on her quest to be given the chance to choose the challenge color and she has finally claimed victory.

Ariel uploaded a new video to her YouTube account today, December 30th, informing fans that she has indeed chosen the 2021 Goodreads Challenge color!

The Goodreads design team selected three colors for Ariel to choose from. The final challenge color decision was in her hands.

The options were a calming blue, a romantic purple, and a cheerful orange.

Goodreads named these colors cove, mauve, and ochre.