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Book Review: A VERY LARGE EXPANSE OF SEA by Tahereh Mafi

As I was reading Mafi's 2018 novel, A Very Large Expanse of Sea, I found myself jotting down a list of my thoughts. Rather than use more energy than necessary, I present to you my thoughts in raw form:


-Says "wow" and "I don’t know" excessively - beware

-Kind of a badass, especially when confronted by her classmate

accusing her of ruining the female muslim image

-Needs to really work on her anger issues and sorting out her feelings

- how to do this?

-She is definitely still a teen - will these social issues and her responses

get “better” as she ages?

-Slightly reminiscent of my high school attitude - she doesn’t want to

look at or talk to many people, though for very different reasons

-Fabulously well-written character reminiscent of a John Green or

Nicola Yoon character

-I’ve never met anyone in my life that actually has a “who cares?”

attitude about literally everything. Maybe these people do exist but

I’ve always found that everyone cares about something in the end...

I’m thinking this is not the case with Shirin, though… (about 75%

through the novel this is what I’m thinking)

-There are moments that feel forced or overly directed and they read

more like stage directions. But, the dialogue and internal thoughts

flow so naturally that the “stage directions” are an easy problem to


-I love getting to learn about awesome female leads who are