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Quick and Easy Embroidered Blankets

Hi friends!

Today I want to share with you my latest crafty projects. In my post about embroidered kitchen towels, I mentioned that I started using my embroidery machine for monograms when I first received the machine. They weren’t great, but I am definitely improving! These blankets I made are a testament to my continued embroidery practice 🙂

As you can see, these blankets are made from just a simple piece of fleece. These blankets measure approximately 50” x 60”. The first step was to buy up a bunch of the blankets at Walmart, because these specific ones come out only around the holidays. Then, I make a note of who will receive which design! I think I know my friends and family pretty well, so this part was fun.

After designing the monograms on my Singer Futura software, I got to the stitching. I think my favorite font is the interlocking cursive. I especially love the tie dye blanket with the white monogram and the white crochet scalloped edge. It really pops, don’t you think?