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Wedding Wednesday: Real Wedding on a Budget

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Our overall vibe: A sweet and simple garden party with creative DIY touches to reflect our unique tastes, an extraordinary summer day with our family and friends.

Zach putting on the floral tie that I made for him. I love this shot!

We didn't set an exact budget for our wedding because we knew it would be like SO small. So small we didn't even talk about it. We just knew we would buy what we could when we could - no need to go into debt for one day.

I know a lot of couples go all out for this one day because it is probably the most important day in ones life, but for us we knew we could go "all out" while on a budget. It would just take some extra thought and time.

featuring a fabulous $6 headband from Icing and my Swarovski earrings from Touchstone Crystal

My bridesmaids and I did our own hair and makeup. We saved money this way and we had such a great time. We stayed in a hotel near the venue which allowed us to get ready and then carpool to the park. I did get my nails done (which cost around $45) but that was totally worth it