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RV Makeover: Part 2

Hey hey!

I'm here with an update on our RV remodel project! We're making slow progress but any amount of progress is good, right? Right?

We enlisted the help of my brother & his girlfriend while they were here from Orlando. Thanks guys! Doesn't Marissa look cute in her cleaning gear?

and here's Logan helping to clear out the kitchen drawers. We put them in the bunk beds for now while we work on the cleaning & demo of the kitchen/dining/living space. Isn't it strange that the previous owner cut the top bunk in half? I can't understand why but my hubs thinks it has something to do with this RV being used on hunting trips.

The kitchen was so full of junk (which included mice nests in several drawers as I mentioned here) that it took a whole day of the guys removing drawers and shelves while Marissa and I cleaned.

Here's my sweet husband, Zach, removing the kitchen cabinets and sink area. This had 37-year-old carpet underneath so we opted to remove it and we'll build new cabinets later. This will allow us to refinish the entire floor at the same time.

Next, we removed the dinette. Actually, Zach did most of the removing here! The previous owners had just recently put this new flooring down but since it wasn't our style, we took it out too. As you can see in the top right corner, removing this bench revealed some water damage to the floor.

I was SO shocked to see a gaping hole straight to the ground!!! This wood was so soft it just peeled right up. Turns out, it was the water heater that caused it all.

*sad face*

One good thing to come out of this is that we now have the freedom to redesign the seating area without this water heater in the way. As it was, the water heater was covered by the right bench of the dinette. Now, we plan to get a small water heater that can be mounted on the wall. We're also now tossing around the idea of building a sectional with a table in the center instead of two benches.

That's all for now! Next week I'll have some more pictures of the RV nearly naked :)

P.S. We've named her The Pineapple Express!

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