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RV Remodel: Part 1

Hey y'all!

Big news in the Salyers household today- we bought an RV!

We found a 1980 Coachmen Mini Motor Home in our hometown for a pretty decent deal. It has good bones, runs well, and just needs some good TLC (we've got it!).

While Zachary & I haven't come to an agreement on the name, we have agreed that this baby will be getting a full remodel inside and out. The paint isn't too bad on the exterior but we definitely are not fans of the '80s color scheme.

We've already started ripping it apart. The cushions LOOKED fine but OMG when we got close they STUNK! Turns out, there were several mice nests... kinda makes me wanna puke. I couldn't handle the smell too long.

We had some help from my brother and his girlfriend to do the preliminary cleaning. Nothing too much, since this is day one but the previous owners hadn't emptied much of anything. Almost every drawer and cabinet had paper plates, old cookware, and miscellaneous camping gear that had been sitting there in mouse poo for who knows how long. I won't show you those pictures...

Basically we are OVER-THE-MOON happy about it and can't wait to get started.

The plan right now is to work on it (her/him?) for a few months and then begin our cross country road trip after the new year!

Have any RV or camper remodel tips for us? Tell me in the comments!

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